• Your new computer is optimized to run efficiently. Its smooth performance, however, is reduced over time as you save files and add/remove programs. Just like with cars, you need to tune-up your PC to boost its performance. Gotham City Technologies offers PC Tune-Up services to improve your machine’s speed and performance.
    A PC Tune-Up is a form of preventative maintenance service. What we’ll do basically is get rid of the things that you don’t need and install only those that you need. The result is a fast computer that increases your productivity.

  • There are different reasons why computers can become sluggish and prone to crash. These include the following:

    • Cluttered Registry

      The registry contains all the information regarding software, software, and preferences settings on your PC. Every configuration you make in the settings is reflected and saved in the registry.
      As you install and uninstall programs, your registry will grow and become cluttered. A large and cluttered registry can develop problems that can cause performance issues and even crash your PC.
      Furthermore, uninstalled applications usually leave traces that can slow system performance or bloat the registry. Part of Gotham City Technologies’ PC Tune-up service is taking care of registry cleanup to improve your computer’s speed and performance.

    • Too many unnecessary Start-Up Programs

      As your computer boots, several programs start automatically. These programs take up too much of the computer’s processing power thus, slowing it down. There’s a great chance that you don’t even need all those programs to start as soon as you boot your PC. Gotham City Technologies have the tools to scan your computer for all unwanted start-up programs. We can identify and remove these programs to improve your PC’s performance.

    • Jam-packed Hard Drive

      Hard drives that are almost completely filled with data won’t function efficiently. It should maintain at least 2-3MB of free space to let the programs run with ease. If your hard drive is almost filled to the brim, a PC Tune-Up can help free up enough space to allow your machine to function smoothly. We will find and remove programs that cause sluggish performance.

    • Spyware and Other Malicious Software

      Downloading free software programs, visiting P2P sites, or using virus-infected flash disk exposes your computer to malware attacks. Your PC might be infected if you encounter persistent pop-up ads or your web browser suddenly contains toolbars or favorites that you didn’t set. Such malicious programs are used by cyber-attackers to steal information. They can cause you to worry not only about PC performance but also your security. For your peace of mind, Gotham City Technologies can shield your system from viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs. We will scan your PC for threats and install a reliable and up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware for your protection.

  • It’s normal for your computer to slow down at some point. What’s not good is not giving it a tune-up. Like any machine, your PC will run better if it receives regular maintenance. Get in touch with us, and we’ll get your computer running smoothly in no time!