There are different ways to store data. Most of us use either a hard drive or removable disks. Depending on the size of the data to be stored, you can also use CDs, DVDs, or memory cards. These storage devices are reliable most of the time.

We cannot ignore the fact that electronic devices or products have the possibility to malfunction. When they fail to work properly, the most devastating effect would be loss of data. Other common causes of data loss also include sudden power cuts, corrupted software, and human errors. When normal processes of accessing data won’t work, the best solution is hiring a File Recovery Specialist.



Gotham City Technologies offers Data Recovery Services to help you retrieve lost digital information from your hard drives, removable disks, and other electronic storage devices. We specialize in recovering any types of lost data which include; email messages, documents, photos, videos, pictures, audio files, and more. Our expert technicians can recover digital information from CD and DVD media, as well as from memory cards, digital cameras, MP3 players, and other portable electronic devices. If you have deleted important files accidentally or if your hard drive was corrupted by virus, do not attempt toretrieve the files yourself. Successful Data Recovery requires the right skills and equipment.
Gotham City Technologies uses specially-designed tools and file recovery programs along with our very own developed methods for data retrieval. Give us a call, and we will help resolve your data loss promptly and efficiently.