Gotham City Technologies work hard to provide great customer experience. As a trusted partner of our clients, we strive to offer solutions that give value to them. In line with this objective, we offer Remote Support Services to remotely manage, monitor, and fix any IT issues that occur real-time. Gotham City Technologies will serve as your virtual IT staff and provide you with prompt solutions.

  • With our Remote Support Service, you will get the following advantages:

    • Web-based Solutions

      We provide on-demand support management of PCs, Macs, and smartphones wherever you may be. Our web-based IT monitoring system allows us to monitor the performance of the client’s IT infrastructure and ensures that we respond accordingly.

    • Fast Remote Access

      We can access a computer in approximately 20 seconds or less. Fast and secure access to your systems lets us respond instantly and address any IT issues.

    • Continuous Support System

      You can take full advantage of our 24/7 Technical Support as we can reboot and reconnect to end-user systems, even if these systems are unattended. We can also connect to systems in “safe mode”.

      Remote Support is a convenient way to receive an immediate response for any IT issues that will occur in your systems. It is also a cost-effective solution as it eliminates the added expenses that come with service calls.

      Gotham City Technologies maintains a team of IT professionals available 24/7 to resolve system and technology-related issues. We will work with you to create customized tech support options and deliver the most professional and cost-effective solutions.